Sunday, November 29, 2009

The fifth grade girls are enjoying the nice warm day in November. We were waiting for our lunch tables to be free. We all enjoyed the time outside in the warm sun!

Electronic Fridays...

On Fridays if you make your A.R. weekly goal you can bring in your electronics to play during your free time. Justin, Eric, Stephen, and Christian have made their weekly A.R. goal (week of November 20th) and are enjoying their group electronic games. Great job guys!

A.R. Movie & Snack Day in 5th Grade!

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Thanksgiving Break. I sure did. It was great to see Daniel and Christy (his new puppy). Daniel has returned for mid-terms in Law School and Christy is visiting me until he comes back in December. We have three weeks of school before we begin our Christmas vacation. Both 5th and 6th grade Math students will finish up Chapter 3 and take our Chapter 3 test before we leave. We will not have a practice Math test this time - only the "real one". We will spend the last week before vacation reviewing what we have learned and playing math games.

We will also finish up our chapter on Verbs before break. We will not be having a practice test this time - only the "real one". Please review all you notes on verbs and go over the review booklet we have been working on.

Monday, November 16, 2009

It was great to see everyone's smiling face today. Our unexpected break refreshed all of us and we were ready to get down to business.

Grammar 5 - we reviewed VERBS. Everyone is doing great with this unit!

Word Study - our test is tomorrow. Remember to bring in your "at home" work and remember to study.

Math 5 - we are still reviewing long division. Today we talked about dividing money into equal parts. The children used "play" money and had a great time.

Math 6 - today we learned how to use a chart to help us solve multi-stepped problems.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Grammar 5

In our Grammar class we will continue to work on Verbs. We will finish up our Verb poster. We will work on making links for our "linking verb" chain.

Math 6 Nov. 9th to Nov. 13th

This week we will be learning the GCF of a pair of numbers and the LCM for a pair of numbers. Homework this week is:

Monday - P3-3
Tuesday - P3-4
Wednesday - P3-5
Thursday - none
Friday - none

Math 5 Nov. 9th to Nov. 13th

This week we will be covering how to estimate a quotient, looking for a division pattern and refining our division skills. Our homework this week will be:

Monday - P3-3
Tuesday - P3-4
Wednesday - none
Thursday - P3-5
Friday - none

Sunday, November 1, 2009

HOMEWORK - week of Nov. 2nd to 6th

Math 5 - Wednesday - P3-1
Thursday - P3-2

Math 6 - Wednesday - P3-1
Thursday - P3-2

Word Study take home assignment is due on Tuesday.

Grammar - workbook pg. 43 (Thursday)

Class Pictures/Individual Pictures

Please remember to send in your picture money or return the pictures you don't want as soon as possible. Mrs. Allen would like everything returned by Tuesday!

What's going on this week November 2-6 in Mrs. Vinson's Classes?

Our Math Chapter 2 Test will be on Tuesday for both 5th and 6th grade students. Please remind your child to review their notes. On Wednesday, Math 5 will begin chapter 3 - Division and Math 6 will begin chapter 3 - Factors & Multiples. Please remember there will be written homework most nights. Please review these sheets with your child.

My Grammar Class will begin Unit 3 - Verbs this week.

On Tuesday, we will have our Word Study Test but will not get any new words on Wednesday. We will spend this week working on our writing skills.

Thank You

Thanks to all the parents who made our Halloween Party a success! The children had a great time with the games and all the food.