Thursday, September 17, 2009

Order of Operations Challenge

Today Math 6A challeneged Math 6B to a timed order of operations drill. Mrs. Vinson used her projection screen to display the problem. The children had to see how many they could get right in 2 minutes. 6A did 22 problems correctly with no errors! 6B didn't quite get to 22 but are going to practice to rechallege 6A on another day. Congratulations 6A!

Math 5 students were busy working on adding and subtracting decimals. They are really excited about how good at it they have become. Math 5 students also went into the computer lab today to work on their written math assignment. Students have to research three mathematicians from a list and write a brief paragraph about the people. Most students were able to find out some facts and print their pictures. Remember this assignment is due by October 5th.

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