Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome back from our long weekend! I hope everyone enjoyed the break. This week in Grammar class we will be reviewing pronouns. There will be a test on pronouns on Friday, January 22nd. Remember, review packets need to be completed and turned in by Friday, January 22nd.

In Math 5 we are perfecting our long division skills. The children are getting quite accurate when dividing larger numbers. I am very proud of their efforts.

In Math 6 we are continuing in our unit about Fractions. We learned how to subtract mixed numbers when the top fraction has a smaller numerator then the numerator on the bottom fraction. Check with your child to see if they can explain the process to you.

In Word Study this week EVERYONE got 100% on the test on Tuesday. Great job 5A! New words will be passed out on Wednesday. The test will be next Tuesday, January 26th. Please review the sentences your child has written. Mrs. Hull has asked the children to have 8 to 10 words in a sentence and to not start every sentence with "I".

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